Are Cheap Sheds Really The Most Cost-Effective Option?


The Cheapest Sheds Cost You MORE in The Long Run.

Oh and before you ask – No, we don’t supply the cheapest sheds at The Shed Company SSW.

We sell & install shed kits made from the highest quality Australian steel, WITHOUT charging you an arm and a leg.

Our shed prices are extremely affordable compared to other Australian steel shed suppliers.


Watch the Video Below to Learn Why Shed Safe Accreditation is so Important

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely that you’re considering buying a new shed or steel building. Of course, as with anything, shed costs are going to be an important factor when doing your research. For many people (especially in this economic climate),the first instinct might be to search the internet for the cheapest possible shed on the market in the hope to save a few dollars. The video below demonstrates the potential risks of buying a cheap shed that doesn’t meet Shed Safe standards:


These days, there are a number of cheap shed suppliers in Sydney & surrounding areas.

Our family team has over 15 years experience with a wide range of sheds & garages.

  • We have seen the damage caused to cheap sheds by weather
  • We have seen people go with the cheaper option to save a few dollars, then come back to us 2 years later because their shed has fallen to pieces. END RESULT: They have to pay for TWO sheds instead of one quality kit.
  • We have seen cheap shed steel being labelled ‘high quality’ by other shed suppliers who know full well that they are selling sub-standard materials.


So if you’re looking for the cheapest sheds in Sydney (or anywhere else for that matter)…

We’d urge you to give us a call first and find out more about the long term money savings you can make by investing in a high quality product from The Shed Company Sydney South West.

We are a family owned & operated shed construction business servicing Sydney, Penrith & Western Sydney, the Hills District of Sydney, the Blue Mountains & of course Southwest Sydney’s Macarthur region.

Being a family owned business with less overheads than the bigger shed companies, we are able to supply & install premium quality sheds & garages, as well as rural, commercial & industrial steel buildings, at an extremely competitive price point.

Thanks to our experienced, highly qualified team of shed designers & construction specialists, we can handle jobs of ANY size.

To learn more about how we can help you save money on your next shed, garage or steel building, give our friendly team a call on (02) 4647 1055 or request a quote online.